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"Stony Images" Series

Oil on canvas - Original

Cesar Cirilo Quintana



Machine and Nature. There in a canvas the mechanic and the natural, as if both were only an extension of the same source: Life.

Some artists seek technical perfection or aesthetics mastery at any cost and in doing so their works end up being hollow, empty of that invisible message that any mature artistic work must carry, and thus they hang lifelessly from neutral walls.

Cirilo Quintana, an artist of superior technique and aesthetics, seeks in the human condition, what’s more, he loses himself in the dark forest of human existence and all its expressions. On his canvases parade sea horses, fish, horses and many other forms, but even though all of them ar naturals shapes they also bear mechanical traces such as handles or wheels, forms that many times remind us of secret doors or compartments on a ship or submarine. Yet nothing is casual on the works of Cirilo Quintana, the creation of an aquatic world makes perfect sense as it is the closest to world to a human being in the beginning of everything, both Evolution and Uterus.

His works are subtle tides of color and form, all blend together against Life’s backboard. His biggest achievement is the economy of his images filled with he message of the life and its origins.

To face a work of maestro Quintana is to open our eyes to our world, our origins and our final conflict: How to get along with a world full of rust but relentless where all Faith has been put on the making and its utility.


"Stony Images" Series by Cirilo Quintana

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  • Oil on canvas

    16 x 20 inches


  • The piece will be shipped rolled up in a sturdy tube and with a tracking number