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About Us

The Menduiña Schneider Art Gallery was born out of the mutual passion for the arts that both owners share.

Alejandra Schneider, an accomplished Artist, Curator and Teacher, and her husband Jorge Schneider, a writer and artist too, first came up with the idea for a gallery when they realized that they both shared an equally love for the Arts. 

Alejandra through her works has received worldwide acclaim and some of her pieces are now part of several museum’s permanent collections, such as The Museum of Fine Arts of Kosovo, Casa de la Cultura del Chimborazo, Ecuador, and El Museo Inti-Nan en la mitad del mundo, Quito, Ecuador. Jorge Schneider’s novels have been extensively published through Spanish speaking countries, among them “La Grieta” (2002 Editorial NuevoHacer, GEL).

Both are avid Art Collectors, specializing in Latin American Art and they have travelled extensively around the globe building strong relationships with some of the most impressive new talent that has emerged from Latin America in recent years. The gallery strives to bring forth not only painters or sculptors per say, but true artist in the deepest meaning of the word. Each work of  art selected by the gallery not only is the product of flawless technique but also the inward journey of the person that creates without fear. And it is in that process that the result is astonishing. 

We invite you to browse the Gallery and immerse yourself in the magic of finding works that not only will marvel you but also transform you.

After all, Art is the touch of the extraordinary in an ordinary world.

Kindly yours,

Alejandra & Jorge Schneider

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