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"Personaje en silencio"

Oil on canvas

16 x 16 inches


Lisette Feider



To enter a universe, a world. To enter and to be unable to exit it. To let oneself go through the maze of an unending imagination. An imagination that disintegrates beyond Existence only to be reborn in symbols. Ancestral symbols, crafted before humankind that surely will survive it.
Perhaps, her work possesses bits and pieces of Jung and his archetypes or Campbell and his heroes, that’s true, and yet Lissete finds her own voice in a string, in a heart, in an animal, in a mystery concealed in a pair of eyes. Her work is something like the union of the soul and the physical world, wherein lies the knot that keeps the human being together, as Artaud said it so well.
Her palette is subtle but assertive, and her forms are as eternal as they’re ethereal.
To stand in front of her work is to decompose oneself only to be put back together in a myriad of symbols, something like Borges' Aleph. Lissete Feider doesn’t need any explanation, she only requires an attentive and open gaze from the onlooker, from which there’s no easy way back.

"Personaje en silencio" by Lisette Feider

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