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Nector Mejia



"A solas"

Acrylic on canvas


30 x 18 inches



Born 1977. Lives and works in Medellin, Colombia.

Nector's work approaches surrealism. His paintings reflect experience in the absence of reality but still use ordinary objects and scenes filtered through the memory and emotions; resulting in images that evoke metaphysics and the surreal, generating in the viewer feelings and sensations that end up complementing the work.
Mejia represents individual experiences and dreams making them appear in a chromatic atmosphere. The magnificent display of colors and shadows makes a cold scene look bright, and each shadow is an element of the entire composition. The result: a scene in a motion picture distant in time that not longer corresponds to the present.
Nector Mejia has exhibited in Colombia, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA, Spain and France. He has represented Colombia at SIART the Biennal in Bolivia in 2009. His works are part of important collections.



BA Arts, Antioquia University. Medellin, Colombia.

BA Arts, Popular School of Arts. Medellin, Colombia.

Anatomy for artists. Eladio Velez School. Itagui, Colombia.

Paint & Draw. Eladio Velez School. Itagui, Colombia.



Museum of Antioquia University.

City of Medellin (urban murals).

Merrill Lynch Latin American Artists.

Private collections in Brazil, Venezuela, Costa Rica, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Dubai, Singapore.


Selected One Man Exhibitions


Since 2017 - Present Nector Mejia is represented by Menduina Schneider Art Gallery in Los Angeles 


2017 ArtShow San Diego - Menduina Schneider Art Gallery 

2011    Recent Works. Ah Fine Art Gallery. Medellin, Colombia. 

         Territories under construction. Comfama -San Ignacio Gallery. Medellin, Colombia.

         Circuit of galleries. Rio Sur. Medellín, Colombia.

         Red. Gallery Art Hotel. Medellin, Colombia.

2010    Places that we don't have. Pontificia Bolivariana University Gallery Hall. Medellin, Colombia.

         Lost paints & drawings. Gallery Casa Imago. Medellin, Colombia.

2009   Persistence. Quadrata Gallery. Medellin, Colombia.

2006   Chronology of a lengthy time. Colegio Mayor Antioquia Gallery. Medellin, Colombia.

2003   Meditations of winter. San Pedro del Fuerte Gallery. Medellin, Colombia.

2002   Un-Balance In-Material. Museum of Antioquia University. Medellin, Colombia.


Selected Group Exhibitions


2012    Colombian Art. The Livingstones Centre for Spirituality and the Arts. London, UK.

         Art Cube Gallery. Los Angeles, USA.

         Between Lines -drawings. Quadrata Gallery. Medellin, Colombia.

         Art Evening. Colombian Embassy in USA. Washington, USA.

2011    SWAB International Contemporary Art Fair. Barcelona, Spain.

         International Contemporary Art Fair. Barcelona, Spain.

         Group of Paints. The Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.

2010    Colombian artists. La Cometa Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.

         State Artists. Rafael Uribe Palace "The cultural Palace". Medellin, Colombia.

2009   SIART International Art Biennale Bolivia. La Paz, Bolivia. 

         Amnesty. Modern Art Museum of Medellin. Medellin, Colombia.

         Spaces and Landscapes. Museum of Antioquia University.

2008   State artists.  Rafael Uribe Palace "The cultural Palace". Medellin, Colombia.

         Paintings. Art Actual Gallery. Bogota, Colombia.

2007   Fernando Botero Young Colombian Artists Foundation. Claustro de la Enseñanza. Bogota, Colombia.

         Works. Jorge Sori Fine Arts. Miami, USA.

         Paintings. New names. Colombian Consulate. Miami, USA.

2006   Contemporary Art Festival - Ego Eco Proyect. Paris, France.

         Opening. Wisdom and White Gallery. Miami, USA.

2005   Of the from of the Imaginary. Debora Arango Gallery. Mexico DF, Mexico.

2004   New names. Julieta Alvarez Gallery. Medellin, Colombia.

         Collective - with - conscious. Casa cuadrada Gallery. Bogota, Colombia.

2003   Pantings. Art Bio Gallery. San Jose, Costa Rica.

"A solas" by Nector Mejia

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  • Acrylic on canvas



    30 x 18 inches 

  • The piece will be shipped rolled up in a sturdy tube and with a tracking number 

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