March 21, 2018 at CSULB University of Long Beach,
Two talks and the Traveling and Collective Art Exhibition "Art 4 Non Violence:" Celebration of Womanhood "
Two Talks and an Exhibit: Contemporary Perspectives on Women in Italy, Spain, and Latin America

The graduate students of California State University Long Beach, Club Italia and Spanish Graduate Student Association, invite you to an event that will celebrate women’s month with two guest speakers and an exhibit that showcase women across cultures of Italy, Spain and Latin America. The event features talks by two literary scholars, Dr. Clarissa Clò and Dr. Nicole Altamirano, and a presentation by art curator Alejandra Menduiña Schneider.

In her talk, Dr. Clarissa Clò, Professor of Italian and chair of the Department of European Studies at San Diego State University, will explore Italian women fanfiction, “Adventures in Piracy and Other Counterfactual Histories by an Italian Fandom.”

Dr. Nicole Altamirano (Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish, Claremont McKenna College), will introduce the works of three twentieth-century Spanish women poets: Concha Méndez, Margarita Ferreras and Mercè Rodoreda.

Argentine art curator Alejandra Menduiña Schneider will exhibit the Itinerant and Collective Art Project Art 4 Non Violence: Celebration of Womanhood, where 40 Latin American artists, selected from the art gallery Menduiña Schneider in San Pedro. 

Her collection displays the importance of ––and lends a voice to–– women through the visual arts.

Mark your calendars for the Anatol Center (CSULB campus), March 21, 2018, 6PM-9PM. A viewing of the artwork accompanied by a small reception will follow the presentations.

Participating Artists from Latin American
Alessandroni, Marianela
Alessandrello Pablo
Blanco, Paula
Carbonell, Monica
Cerato, Ileana
Civico, Patricia
Dominguez, Marisa
Fiora, Patricia
Fonseca, Rosa.
Fules, Nancy
Garbo, Gabriela
Gonzalez, Alejandra.
Gratti, Analia
Gutierrez, Dinorah
Izaguirre, Graciela.
Koj, Ursula
Lambre, Laura
Medal, Graciela
Mendez, Luisa
Menduina, Alejandra
Menghi, Patricia
Montemurro, Carina
Moretti, Mariana.
Munger, Rossana
Ortiz, Elisabeth
Perez Pradella Patricio
Rabunal, Lydia
Readding, Lauren
Ruiz, Rosana
Schneider, Patricia.
Silva, Patricia.
Silva Baudeyens, Adriana.
Soler Watson, Rob
Staroba, Ines
Toubes, Claudia
Vega, Agustina
Ventura, Fabiana.

Looking forward to seeing your there!