Marisa Moscoso



Acrylic on canvas

“Amazing Landscapes” Series


There’s something quirky and also whimsical in the works of Marisa Moscoso, as if the rainbow of colors would create by mere chaos a landscape of images that somehow are flowing through the canvas with order. Chaos and order are opposite and yet they complement each other. It’s simple to depict one or the other in different works but it is very complex to unite both in the same work without falling into nothingness. Marisa Moscoso achieves the seemingly impossible and her brush scatters her imagination without any kind of frames. She’s utterly free and by being so her palette is a cornucopia of possibilities that she captures effortlessly, and so we can find pinkish prairies of multicolored cities in some kind of geometric pattern. To stand in front of Moscoso’s work is to accept the challenge of letting go what we think a thing is and let that same image to tell us what she wants to be. In short Moscoso is a waterfall of creativity in a dull world.

Travesia by Marisa Moscoso

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  • Acrylic on canvas



    28x18 inches 

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