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 Juan Ranieri 

"Tormenta en la Pampas” 
Masilla elastomérica, acrílico y crayón sobre tela 

Juan Ranieri was born in 1969 in Escobar, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He studied architecture in the University of Buenos Aires and practiced this profession until the year 2000.
After a brief stint as a civil servant, and also obtaining his first distinctions and prizes in the field of art, painting became his central activity.
His works have been integrated into important corporative and private collections, such as those of the Quinquela Martin Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Latin-American Art, Long Beach, California (Molaa), Merrill Lynch Group, Telecom Argentina, McDonald's, BASF, Fortabat Collection, Bunge Argentina Collection, The Argentine Business University, Gador Laboratories, among others. 

"Tormenta en la Pampas” by Juan Ranieri

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