Pierrick Her

French Master



Oil on canvas

39 x 39 inches




Born on March 1946 in Dinard (ile & Vilaine) France.He now lives and works in Camargue (South of France) his country of adoption.

At only 13 years old,he wins his drawing shownthen keeps on studying and gets a Philosophy's Baccalaureat with distinction.Then he concentrates on arts, studying in Fine Art School in Rennes and Paris. Then searches and studies for the ancient technics in the Italian, Flemish and German Masters. After a brief passing at ' la Chaumiere' in paris (1969) with the painter Yves Brayer,he becomes the pupil of the Hungarian painter Paul MAIK.He then gets a Master's Degree in Plastic Art and he concentrates his work on Fantastic,Symbolic,Surrealist themes (1977-1990).

He finds a new technic using some ball point-pen ink, obtaining ninety colors declinated by the black,blue,green and red. He will meet the TOFFOLI, SALVADOR DALI, GIGER, GEN PAUL PAINTERS.

Since 1990 he made some paintings of the theme of tauromachy and he using mixed technics for a work in futurist and surrealist trend.

Now PIERRICK HER'S paintings are mostly based upon ABSTRACT ART,and FIGURATIV MODERN ART Now he's painting with heating white-hot metal between 250° & 1100 degrees mixed with some Natural and Chemical colors .

Pierrick HER has taking part in a hundred national and international exhibitions from 1960 to today, totaling more than thirty awards, nominations in many countries (France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Canada, USA, UK, China, Belgium, Egypt ...) His works are in various private collections throughout the world.

"Atlantis" by Pierrick Her

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  • Oil on canvas

    39 x 39 inches

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