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Monica Carbonell



"Mujer y Pez Koy" 

Oil on canvas

24x32 inches




Flowers have been associated with women since almost the beginning of time.
In Literature for good or bad one can find them in the world of greats such as
Baudelaire ot Byron and in Fine Arts Gloria O’Keeffe took that relationship to a whole different level.

Monica Carbonell dives back into that world and it does so with sublimely and creativity, her brush strokes are soft but poignant and one can find the scent of flowers scattered on the canvas as an elixir for everything that’s feminine.

Her world is one full of whimsical images and symbolism, mother Earth and her flowers, a woman and her world.
To enter her work is to go deep into the mystery of Life itself and into the journey of discovery which everyone takes during her life.


"Mujer y Pez Koi" by Monica Carbonell

$1,000.00 Regular Price
$800.00Sale Price
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