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"Little Treasures"

Marisa Dominguez



Contemporary Sculpture

Pins, beads on old rubber toy

6 x 5 x 5 inches 


According to Marisa Dominguez, art is a game, is like thinking about impossible objects or no-purpose stu .
The style of her work is inspired by her grandma’s house plenty of exaggerated decorations: glass grapes, plastic owers, ceramic and porcelain statuettes, crochet doilies and psychedelic patterns.
Marisa handles various techniques and she turns them not only in her artwork but also in the costume she designs.

Nothing stands her in the way of transforming an idea into art.
The possibility of approaching a work from unconventional and bold proposals makes her a distinctive artist.
Her series always focus on issues of our time: woman life, the body fragmentation, the excesses or children as victims of love.

Marisa lives and works in Buenos Aires. Her work has been exhibited in Argentina, France, Mexico, Italy, Brazil and USA and has won recognition from several national and international awards.

Since 2017 to Present Marisa Dominguez is represented by Menduina Schneider Art Gallery in Los Angeles, California USA 


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Marisa Dominguez - "Little Treasures"

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