Marisa Moscoso



"La liberacion del color"

Acrylic on canvas

20x12 inches


An artist evolves. at least some of them do. They shift, expand, challenge themselves and finally they grow. To be an artist is to always be in a state of becoming. To flow from the present to the future supported by a past that act as a pillar. Marisa Moscoso has evolved following this route. Her language is a myriad of images, lines and forms that speak about the famous question posed by Gauguin, where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?

To stand in front Moscoso’s body of work is to see glaciers, mountains, forests and meadows trying to figure out what Gauguin once said. And of course we the onlookers are left reflecting about the same destiny that we share with the planet. She’s not an activist nor a protester but a thoughtful artist diving the depths of our fate. Her works combine lines and forms, but they are more than that, they are statements to what her soul sees as one indivisible whole: us and the rest is only we. And that is what ultimately our human experience must reveal to each of us.

"La Liberación del color" by Marisa Moscoso